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Hi, I'm Tura Adam, Real Estate Advisor with Urban Real Estate Services.

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Hey there! I'm Tura Adam, and I've got a question for you: Is your growing family feeling a bit squeezed in your current home? As a seasoned real estate agent with Urban Real Estate Services in Calgary, I specialize in helping families like yours find bigger, and better home you've been dreaming of. With 9 years of experience and a foolproof move-up system, I'm here to make your transition as smooth as a slide in the park. It's not just about more space; it's about creating more places for new memories, adventures, and comfort. Let's turn your dream of more into a reality, together.



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Explore a range of properties, from initial condominiums to forever residences, and discover your perfect home within a community that perfectly complements your way of living.

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We don't simply assist you in purchasing a house; we guide you in 
discovering your sanctuary, your haven, and your future.

Recognizing the gravity of this decision, we are steadfast in our dedication 
to transforming your aspirations of owning a home into a tangible and 
meaningful reality.

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Maximize your Property

The process of selling a property involves more than just listing it; it's a narrative of its potential and distinctive history. We don't just transact real estate; we offer dreams, ambitions, and a fresh beginning. Allow us to collaborate with you in transforming your property into an enticing prospect for the perfect buyer.

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Renovate or Relocate? Guide for Calgary Homeowners

Renovate or Relocate? A Homeowner's Guide to Making the Big DecisionWelcome, Calgary homeowners! If you've found yourself pondering the age-old question of whether to renovate your current Calgary home or relocate to a new one, you're in the right place. Making this decision is not always easy, but with the right guidance, you can confidently choose the path that be...

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Tura Adam


820 - 26th Street NE  Calgary,  AB  T2A 2M4 

Phone: +1 403-918-3939


Get In Touch

Tura Adam

Phone: +1 403-918-3939


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820 - 26th Street NE  Calgary,  AB  T2A 2M4 

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